If your business is based in Swanscombe or the surrounding area, then this is the place to advertise your business.

Let local people find you here.

How much would you expect to pay in the local papers? £45+ per week for a small advert?

We have some great opening offers, Look at our low Special Offer prices below.

Small Advert = £60 pa

Medium Advert = £100 pa

Large Advert = £130 pa

Extra Large Advert = £150 pa

As you can see these prices are not per week , but for a YEAR!!!

Extra advertising includes.

Do you have your own website? then for a small fee have a link from your advert to you own site.

No website? Then let us build you one from £250

Or you could just have a link to a page to further advertise your services.

Click on the links above to check out the details, or call 07813-019357











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